Old, beat up, malnourished and out of hope...

That was what we saw when Merlin appeared on Auction horses Network. An elder mule who found himself discarded and in trouble. He sat on a feedlot in Washington state awaiting his one way trip to slaughter when he caught our attention. With the help of our amazing followers, we were able to pay Merlin's bail and get him down to California to begin his much needed healing.

He arrived in July 2014. Thin, full of lice and not sure of what his journey south had in store for him. It wasn't long before we met the 'Real' Merlin. A funny and big hearted beast who LOVES attention and even though starved at one time, still to this day,  will stop eating his yummy grain to come get pets and scratches. The amazing ability to forgive is one of his most beautiful qualities... well that and those silly ears. 

There are no so nice images that can stay with you for a long time, if not forever. While those are important to use as markers for successful rescue efforts, its also best not to dwell on them. Let a new tale unwind with a fresh start and a new life, creating what we can only hope will be a 'Happily ever after'...!

Misty found us through  a good friend and follower, Debbie Wilson, when a women was looking to sell and rehome her many horses due to divorce. Misty was in her early 20's with a yearling foal at her side. Between not getting enough nutrition to sustain her own body and giving all she had to her still nursing foal, she was completely emaciated. We took her in in June 2014 as an owner surrender. When she stepped off the trailer, my heart sank. She was much thiner than I'd originally anticipated. But we rolled up our sleeves and gave Misty the nutrition and pasture that she needed to recover from what was most likely years of being a baby maker. She has been with a foster family for almost a year enjoying life as a senior with a bit of lite riding and a pasture friend. 

Here's to Happy Endings!

Let’s put an end to homeless horses!

Aureole Ranch Horse Rescue