Here at Aureole Ranch, we are all about saving lives, But to do this and be committed, we need Adopters & Fosters!

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A Standardbred mare who we rescued in the Summer of 2015 all the way from Texas. She came to us very thin But at one time she was the queen of her track with $80,000 in winnings. We have not assessed Grace for her riding level but plan on evaluating her soon.

Indiana 'Indy' *

Featured horse for September- See more photos below!

8yr old light bay grade quarter horse. He was born April 29, 2010. We rescued his mother and and 'brother' at a feedlot in Fallon, Nevada where they were slated to take the last journey of their lives... The mare came to us pregnant and Indy is her result. Bright, funny, curious and already some nice muscle. He is not currently trained to ride but has great ground training and  will make an amazing horse for someone

Featured Horse of the Month:  Indiana

8 YR OLD gRADE QH gelding

Mic DunDee

20 yr old Dun colored gelding, rescued from the Petaluma auction several years ago. He is funny and sweet. We bought him from a kill buyer who won him at the auction. Mic is not 100% sound with a bum knee and would  be suitable only as a pasture 'friend'. Adoption Fee waived with approved home contract

If you want to help, but don't have the time or money to support a horse of your own, perhaps consider donating goods, a dollar amount, or your time volunteering

*Some of our horses are not currently listed on our adoption page. If you have interest in a horse not shown, feel free to email us!

Bella Rouge

(On Left) 16H 22yr  old Chestnut warmblood mare. Bella is a rescue who came to us very thin. She has gained some much needed weight. After a riding evaluation, it has become clear that she is well trained, most likely in the art of dressage. She has beautiful collection. Her only vice is that she has major herd seperation anxiety and does not enjoy trail rides alone because of it. She would be lovely as a horse doing light ring work or perhaps a lesson horse? She has a lovely, non-mareish temperment.


2000lb Belgian mare. She came to us straight from Canada where she was bred and made to stand in a stall so they could collect her urine. She was not trained to lead or even pick up her feet when she arrived . She has come a long way but we have not done any saddle training with her. For someone willing to put in the time, they could have a truly majestic and awsome horse. 


14.3H  buckskin Quarter horse type mare aprox. 8 years old. We rescued Calli from the Eugene, OR horse auction in march. We bid on her because she is missing her left eye and knew she wouldn't draw the bids, with a likelihood of getting purchased by one of many kill buyers present. She is a doll. She had some fear issues with flyspray and water but we've quickly worked those out. She is broke to ride but will require a calm and  confident rider. 


15.1h 10 yr old Paint type  gelding. We rescued Kipp 3 years ago, but due to an obviously rough life, we have not done any riding evaluations on him. He is extremely sensitive yet brave. We were told that he was a 'good ranch horse' but have not tested those waters. He needs a 'do-over' one on one person who he can put his trust into. He will require someone willing to spend the time and have pure patience to gain his trust and move to the next levee.

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