A few  needed items

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  •  Feed:  Elk Grove Pellets and Equine Senior
  • Supplements, wormer, Himalayan salt blocks
  • Waterproof sheets and blankets of various sizes
  • Durable Large tents
  • Pipe Panels
  • Troughs
  • Pitchforks & sturdy carts
  • Feed buckets
  • Brushes and grooming items
  • A Grant Writer!!
  • Have something that's maybe not on the list?Give us a shout out! 707-486-3452

Our Wish List...!

Running  a horse rescue and keeping it afloat are NOT easy tasks...

Along with the daily physical work of caring & feeding for the horses, poop pick up, routine repairs of shelters, building fences, etc, there is also a huge sea of obstacles to navigate through. The added stress of wondering where we're going to get those funds needed to vet, feed, maintain and hopefully HELP more horses in need is a daily question. 

But with you're help, we can keep going. It not just money that we are in need of...! By donating goods, we can focus our funds on the horses

There are many items that can be donated that can help make our work a bit easier! 

And PS- Our BIGGEST need is getting more volunteers to help us! Who doesn't love some horsey kisses!

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Let’s put an end to homeless horses!

Aureole Ranch Horse Rescue